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Fullerton Towing & Auto Repair Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

“There really isn’t another towing and repair company I would trust to drive out to my teenage daughter on the freeway late at night to tow her beaten up old Pontiac, or make a roadside stop-off for my elderly aunt to change her car’s oil. The technicians at JC Tires & Towing are dependable and punctual like Swiss trains – they really aren’t exaggerating when they claim a 30 minute response time. You can literally time them to the second! The service is outstanding. Professional, polite and very fairly priced. A winning combination.” Anthony Marshall

“I have been ripped-off by many rogue mechanics over my 35 years as a motorist. Hidden costs, additional fees and “surprise” taxes often took what I thought was a reasonable price estimate way over my expectations of what I can afford. What I really like about JC Tires & Towing is how you can give them a call and describe over the phone what the problem is and get a very accurate price estimate before committing yourself to having a technician drive out to you. Little things like that mean a lot and make the difference between a service you use once, and one you rely on to use time and time again. Thank you!” Lionel Thomas

“I have Alzheimer’s and locking my keys in the car is a fairly frequent event these days as I am very forgetful. The lovely team at JC Tires & Towing never makes me feel ashamed or embarrassed when they have to make numerous roadside assistance trips out to me to unlock my car. They treat me with complete respect, professionalism and are always fast and polite. I recommend them wholeheartedly to all of my friends in Fullerton.” Jean McKinley

“As a car enthusiast with a number of exotic and rare cars, I only trust the very best in the business to touch them! The technicians at JC Tires & Towing are indeed the best of the best. Some really complex restoration work has been completed with a level of skill I have not seen before. I always know what to expect and I am never disappointed. True quality service at a very competitive price – they’re a truly great team” Roger Kaplan