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Accident Removal Services in Fullerton

JC Tire & Towing Fullerton has a dedicated team of 24 hour accident removal specialists who focus on damaged vehicle removal and recovery in the moments after a road accident. These are important times for safety purposes. We have a team of specially trained and insured disaster and accident removal specialists who have a fast and smooth method of implementation that covers all of the necessary bases after an accident. Call us at (562) 612-7116 for a free quote and reliable services, 24/7!

Your safety is our priority after the accident. We will arrive to your location in a large vehicle with ample space for passengers, who we can safely drive home. You will have many different concerns at this time, and one of our roles is to assist you in dealing with the necessary formalities as well as helping with the accident removal plan. You will most likely want to make sure that you can get the damaged vehicle off of the road safely. It may be that the accident caused substantial damage to the auto body of the car, rendering it unsafe or impossible to drive. We have a variety of towing trucks at our disposal which are ideal for heavy duty or fragile vehicles. We will ensure that the appropriate equipment is right there to get your vehicle off the road and somewhere safe.

From Fullerton Accident Removal to Auto Repair

JC Tire & Towing Fullerton can then continue the Accident Removal and Repair process by dispatching your damaged vehicle to our garage where we can have our skilled  accident repair and auto body mechanics closer assess the extent of trauma caused to the vehicle. At this stage, we can provide you with an estimated cost projection for the necessary work to get your vehicle back into a safe and drivable condition. Call us for more information about our Accident Removal services, 24 hours a day.